QWAZR Search

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A Search server and an embeddable JAVA library based on Apache Lucene.

It is a production ready software. Already used with heavy load environment by several companies.

It is not a SOLR integration or fork, neither an ElasticSearch one.


Our goal is to expose the best feature of Lucene. By best, we mean stable and production ready. It is common, for Lucene, to provide several ways to achieve the same goal. We try to expose the best practice.

Use it as a Microservice

You can deploy it as a microservice and use the JSON Web service :

Used as a JAVA library

Developed in JAVA, it can be embedded as a JAVA library in any JAVA 8 project. Thanks to the JAVA annotations, QWAZR Search provides an Object-relational mapping over Lucene indexes.

Getting started with the QWAZR Search JAVA library

Other useful stuffs

Open source

The source code of the project is hosted at github/qwazr/search.

As a QWAZR component it is released under the Apache 2 license.